DFTG Talks About the Doctor Who Christmas Special (SPOILERS) – A Whovian’s Review

The British sci-fi show Doctor Who has had a big impact in media since it started in 1963. Since the revival in 2005, they have added one of the best parts of the show, the Doctor Who Christmas Special! This year’s special was called The Return of Doctor Mysterio and although it had some sad moments, as any Doctor Who episode does, the mood was mostly silly. We were left without a new season this year so there were worries that we might get scrooged out of our beloved Christmas Special, but luckily that wasn’t the case.

Doctor Who Christmas special

Even though this episode wasn’t as Christmas-y as past Doctor Who Christmas specials, it was still a great episode to give us our fix to hold us until a new season arrives. The Return of Doctor Mysterio seems to get its inspiration from Superman and there are definitely a lot of similarities. The difference though is that the Clark Kent type character named Grant is not a super powered alien who draws his power from the sun, he was just a young boy with a healthy obsession with comic books who just so happened to fall prey to the Doctor’s classic oversight. Grant was handed a red gem and a glass of water after telling the Doctor he was sick. Typical Doctor says “take this” meaning for the boy to hold onto it, but Grant understands it as a “Doctor” giving him medicine so he swallows it instead. The gem does whatever the user wants most and once inside Grants body then turns him into a superhero like the comics he loves so much. He calls himself The Ghost.

Although this Doctor Who Christmas special was a little cheesy and full of romantic comedy, it still contained some action and quick thinking from the Doctor to save the world once again. The monsters in this episode were actually featured in The Husbands of River Song and are called the Shoals of the Winter Harmony. These monsters are “possessed” humans with skulls that peel open to reveal the real monsters, nasty brains with eyeballs that want to trick all the world leaders into their trap in order to take over their bodies and eventually the world. Of course the Doctor will have none of it and makes sure they leave knowing exactly who is protecting this world. Thanks to the hero he created, the world was saved yet again by our lovable goofball the Doctor.

As we had noticed before in our other article featuring the trailer for this Doctor Who Christmas special, Nardole is now whole again. At the time, fans didn’t know how he had went from a severed head atop the King of Hydroflax’s body to his whole self again, but now we do. Apparently the Doctor put him back together again, because get this… he didn’t want to be lonely. Isn’t that the saddest thing you’ve ever heard? Well it’s not the saddest thing ever said in Doctor Who, we think that title belongs to David Tennants’s regeneration and the words, “I don’t want to go”.

Image result for david tennant i don't want to go gif

Sorry, didn’t want to reopen old wounds or anything. Overall the Doctor Who Christmas special had just the right mix of silly humor, romance, mix ups, action, and the Doctor being a smarty pants. We give it two thumbs up! What did you think of The Return of Doctor Mysterio? Let us know in the comments section below and follow DFTG of Twitter for all your geeky news! We’re not crying… we swear.

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