Super Mario Odyssey Co-op Gameplay Details Revealed (VIDEO)

Super Mario Odyssey Co-op

In less than a week, Nintendo fans will experience Mario’s new adventures outside of the Mushroom Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. This new core title in the Super Mario series is marking a return to the single player-focused gameplay that the previous core title – Super Mario 3D World – departed from in favor of simultaneous four player capability. However, some have been hoping that Odyssey would have some sort of co-op feature for friends to play together. Now, the latest Nintendo Minute video has previewed the particulars involved for those that want to experience the Super Mario Odyssey co-op mode.

The official Nintendo YouTube account has dedicated its latest episode of its long running Nintendo Minute series to showcasing the Super Mario Odyssey co-op gameplay. For those that tried the Super Mario Galaxy co-op mode, the equivalent mode in Odyssey is relatively similar. Player 1 will control Mario essentially the same way that they would if playing by themselves, while Player 2 will assist Player 1 by collecting items and coins for the player. Where this differs for Player 2 from Galaxy is that now the player controls the actions of Cappy, the new inhabitant of Mario’s hat that allows him to “capture” other beings and control them.

Player 2 can help by removing obstacles and giving Mario an extra jump boost. Exclusive to Co-op mode, Cappy can also move around after he has helped Mario “capture” another being. It’s nice to see Nintendo include a co-op mode in Odyssey that builds upon co-op modes from previous Mario games. What do you guys think about the Super Mario Odyssey co-op mode? Let us know in the comments below!

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