Tons of New Super Mario Odyssey Information Revealed In Latest Nintendo Direct (VIDEO)

Super Mario Odyssey Information

As promised, Nintendo ended their latest Nintendo Direct with a load of new Super Mario Odyssey information, including new features coming to the game. We’ve seen many of the new Kingdoms that Mario will visit on his travels in this new game, and today Nintendo revealed the first look at Shiveria in the Snow Kingdom and Bubblaine in the Seaside Kingdom. We also learn more about the Power Moons that Mario collects in this game, replacing the Stars from previous games. It seems these Power Moons enable Mario’s ship to reach other kingdoms, upon collecting enough Power Moons.

There will be a large amount of Power Moons to be found in each kingdom, with some having pre-listed tips on how to find them, and others being made quite secretly hidden. There will be characters in the game that can give tips on how to find additional Power Moons, including Talkatoo, Hint Toad and Uncle Amiibo. Some Power Moons can also be collected in new minigames, such as a jump rope game, that will have worldwide leaderboards.

For those wanting to share their experiences with others on social media, a new Snapshot mode allows players to freeze the in-game action and adjust the game camera for the best photo angle. These photos can also have filters applied and can even be rotated to adapt to vertical mode on smartphones. To celebrate the game, Nintendo is also releasing three new wedding-themed Amiibo that unlock extra in-game bonuses, a special Super Mario Odyssey Switch console bundle and Odyssey-themed Joy-Cons on the game’s launch day of October 27th. What do you guys think about this new Super Mario Odyssey information? Let us know in the comments below!

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