Starlink: Battle for Atlas Trailer Reveals Interactive Models (VIDEO)


A trailer for Ubisoft’s upcoming title Starlink: Battle for Atlas has caught the attention of many gamers out there. Revealed during Ubisoft’s E3 press conference, this trailer reveals a wildly interactive galactic story with a huge perk: the game, no matter what system gamers play it on, comes with interactive models that players can use to upgrade and customize their in-game star ships! Check out the trailer below to see the game and models in action:

The title seems to work like the popular, kids-friendly games of Skylanders and Disney Infinity. To change up your fight style and upgrade your gaming experience, the models attach to gamers’ controllers and have interchangeable parts that allow for players to take on tougher enemies. With quick snap-on functions, gamers can change the tides of the fight in the midst of a battle, allowing for the in-game characters to adapt to the enemy around them.

Aside from the models, the game seems to offer an intense and fun looking campaign, that looks both kid and adult friendly from the trailer. As of right now, there’s no set release date for Starlink: Battle for Atlas, though we do know that the game will be releasing in the Fall of 2018. Starlink will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

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