Star Wars Battlefront II Will Feature Return Of Star Wars Voice Actors

Star Wars Battlefront II has a bevy of new content on the way. DICE announced at E3 this year that they’d continue to support the game through new updates including skins, maps, heroes, and modes. So far, we’ve seen some new armor for clone trooper platoons like the 91st Mobile Recon and 104th Wolfpack have been added. There’s even some new looks for Han Solo and Lando taken right from their appearances in Solo: A Star Wars Story. A couple other trooper skins have been added as well on top of a few maps from Solo and The Last Jedi.

However, this seems like it’s only the beginning as DICE is ramping up the additions starting on October 30th when General Grievous is added to the game with other iconic characters following soon after. Players will get to wield the lightsabers of other Clone Wars heroes like Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and Count Dooku when they release alongside the Geonosis map in the coming months.

Not only will we be getting to play as these iconic figures in the Star Wars lore, but they will also have their roles taken by their respective voice actors from the Clone Wars. James Arnold Taylor’s uncanny Obi-Wan and Corey Burton’s fantastic rendition of Count Dooku are a welcome addition to the game and it’ll be great to see them back in these roles prior to the Clone Wars revival next year.

Star Wars Battlefront II has done a decent job with their voice casting compared with the previous 2015 entry. While the game certainly had a rocky launch with the loot box controversy, but the game has matured and been supported by DICE in such a way that feels like the studio really cares about the Star Wars fanbase. Are you excited to see your favorite Clone Wars voices back in their roles? Be sure to follow us on Twitter for any more Star Wars Battlefront II news and check out these other fantastic stories from Don’t Feed The Gamers:


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