Star Wars Battlefront 3 Gets Fan Resurrection – Here’s How to Play (VIDEO)

Star Wars Battlefront 3

To the dismay of fans who enjoyed the first two installments of the game, Star Wars Battlefront 3 was canceled in 2008. Fans assumed they’d never see a Star Wars shooter to equal the games since then. That was, of course, until DICE revived the game once more in 2015 with Star Wars Battlefront. The game was popular, gorgeous, and though well received, was lacking in the kind of content fans had hoped for.

With a sequel boasting a bounty of new content for the Star Wars fans out there, we can expect that the franchise is back in a big way. The Fall 2017 release hasn’t stopped fans with a flare for modding from trying to recreate the original Star Wars Battlefront 3 in any way possible. Check out what they’ve done so far in the impressive gameplay video below:

A playable version, now available as a mod aptly titled “Legacy” for Battlefront 2, is very much in beta, but also available right here. The mod requires an installed version of Battlefront 2 but includes a lot of what everyone knew would be included in Star Wars Battlefront 3. You can also enjoy an updated HUD and new maps!

Using the game engine of Battlefront 2 means having to endure graphics from the original 2005 version. However, does that really matter in the face of the game that never was coming into being? Expect, as the game is still a work in progress, that you may encounter bugs. With options like Obi-Wan, General Grievous, and Anakin as playable characters and the ability to move between ground and space battle, those things aren’t likely to matter as much.

Star Wars Battlefront 3

Another interesting thing to note is that a group of developers/fans from Frontwire Studios are working on a full remake of Star Wars Battlefront 3 titled “Galaxy in Turmoil”. Once complete, Valve may be prepared to distribute the game free on Steam, however, that may get squashed as we are all aware of how Disney and EA treat market sharing. You can check the full versions progress in this teaser trailer here.

These are some exciting developments in the world of Star Wars as more and more is becoming available to enjoy. While it is always a risk to develop new games under popular franchise titles, we think it’s this kind of fan dedication that makes the fandom as awesome as it is! We are certainly excited to see more from these modders as they continue to develop their own version of Star Wars Battlefront 3!

Are you guys going to try out the mod? What do you think about reviving Battlefront 3? Sound off in the comments below! As always, be sure to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter so you stay up to date on the latest and greatest in gaming news!

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