Star Marine Gameplay Video Shows Shootout In Space (VIDEO)

Star Marine

A new Star Marine trailer was shared with IGN in the last 24 hours, showing off fresh footage of players fighting it out in space. This beautiful looking module will go live ins the upcoming 2.6 alpha patch for Star Citizen, hopefully in the very near future, after several delays.

The module will launch with only two game modes over two maps. Many features won’t be available at launch but will roll out with several updates after its initial release, which will include things like sliding into cover, or shooting out windows and doors in hopes of knocking people outside into open space.

We already model atmosphere and different room volumes, so if a door opens or a window gets broken, it will start to remove the atmosphere from the volume,” Roberts said. “That is all part of what we’re trying to do for 3.0 which will allow for depressurization. People getting sucked out, or things getting sucked out. If you have a suit on you’ll be okay. If you don’t have a suit on, you’ll asphyxiate

It all sounds exciting knowing the base for this module will be released soon, but also that the updates to come will add so much more gameplay options and tactics, ensuring that every match will be different to the last. Star Citizen sounds like it will be an amazing game, and it certainly looks it too. The game started development in 2011, and has been going strong ever since, especially with a massive kickstarter campaign funding US$6.2 million. No release date in sight, many are concerned it might not ever finish, but the studio is working hard on releasing this massive, persistent universe that will include procedurally generated planets, dogfights in space, trading, “on ground” fps, and of course the Squadron 42 single player game.


This will be a massive game, and seeing them move forward, adding such wonderful elements to the game gives that spark of hope, especially for these that loved playing Freelancer or E.V.E Online. The Star Citizen 2.6 patch isn’t live yet, but backers are able to jump in already to test it all out, including Star Marine. And don’t forget to check out the website if you’re wanting to know more.

Are you eager for Star Citizen? Have you backed it? What are your thoughts about the concept for Star Marine? Comment below and share your thoughts.

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