Fall Guys Teases Content From Upcoming Update Including… Watermelons?

Fall Guys

Earlier today, the Fall Guys twitter account shared a few images of the upcoming update which was titled “BIG YEETUS AND ANTI-CHEATUS”. Since their August 4th release date the game has seen millions of players, set gargantuan records for sales and has worked to ensure that the server functionality and game functionally exceeds player expectations.


The tweet teases some changes to familiar levels such as Dizzy Heights a level known for spinning discs and Hit Parade which thrusts players into an obstacle course with moving objects and wrecking balls that send those poor little jellybeans flailing into a small pit. Dizzy Heights in particular shows those same wrecking balls in the teased images as well as massive watermelons that players should recognize from the dreaded Fruit Chute.

Big YEETUS was already announced earlier which is a massive, rotating hammer that will appear at any given time on any given level just to shake things up (or force you into the slime). The Fall Guys team also released a recent update that allowed for team games only to populate when there are enough players to formulate equal teams, UI performance updates for PlayStation players as well as fixing crash issues. Though players are still calling for more action when it comes to hackers in the game that are exploiting their way to the crown.

There has yet to be more information on when we can expect the latest patch though they teased the trailer for it shortly after the inital tweet.

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