Fall Guys Gives Us Notes To Their Latest Patch

Fall Guys New Level Update

Fall Guys has already taken the world by storm with their bright, colorful components, whimsical character designs and unique game play but it doesn’t stop there. The developers have taken the time to listen to player feedback and devise a plan for the latest patch which has been titled “Patch Note- Spicy Hot Fix”. You can see the tweet below:


It seems that the patch notes are general with only two specific PS4 patches which include improving the performance of the user interface (UI) on PS4 models that are not PS4-Pros as well as adding additional controller options to invert the X/Y axis and the sensitivity settings.

The Fall Guys tweet also states that there have been fixes to particular levels such as Slime Climb  and Jump Showdown, fixes to outfit visuals and that trophy and achievement names are displaying properly in all languages supported by the Fall Guys game.

In true Fall Guys fashion, a mock fix was slid into the tweet stating that they had removed the speed nerf for the Yellow team (poor Yellow Team).

So far the Fall Guys patch has been well received with many players calling the patch a win, especially for team based games to only populate when there are enough players to create equal teams. Overall this patch is proof that Fall Guys and the development team are responsive and able to provide a quality experience for all players.

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