Spyro Half-Life Mashup Is The Mod We Never Knew We Wanted (VIDEO)


Fans have been waiting for a new Half-Life for what seems like ages now, and the creatives in the community have been spending their time inventing new ways to enjoy their old favorites. Perhaps the most inventive mod yet comes with a Spyro the Dragon mashup that makes the game a completely different experience than ever before. Gordan Freeman steps aside, giving the little dragon a chance to show off against hordes of creatures in what is likely the most hysterical mashup yet.

Modder Magic_Nipples has created an Office Complex demo at ModDB that allows players to charge through levels, gliding over obstacles and raining fire down on enemies. While it is unclear if the modder intends to apply this to the entire experience, the Spyro moveset and other properties of the game are in the Xash3D and GoldSrc engines, giving others a chance to put their own spin on it. Check it out in the demo video below:

There are nice details in the Spyro Half-Life mashup, like having to use gems to get health and some fun antics with scorching scientists. The demo immediately reminds players of both Spyro and Half-Life, using camera angles to recreate the feel of the original Playstation dragoneering title. Of course, if there is more to come remains to be seen.

Players interested in the mod will need a copy of Half-Life and as of yet, not all controllers are usable with it. The mod can be found and downloaded for play right here. Be sure to keep up with Don’t Feed the Gamers as we bring you all of the best news for games and more!

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