Spider-Man Villain Venom Gets His Own Movie Set for Release Next Year

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It’s no secret that Sony Pictures has wanted to make a movie revolving around the Spider-Man villain Venom for a while now. His popularity has kept interest high for the character’s potential live-action solo outing. Since as far back as the original Spider-Man trilogy, the project was passed time after time to focus attention on the red and blue wall-crawler’s adventures. Things currently seem much more set in stone because according to Variety, Sony has a film starring the villain Venom set for release on October 5th, 2018, which is just over 18 months from now. Also revealed was the film’s director, Alex Kurtzman, who helmed The Mummy reboot that’s set to hit theaters later this summer.

It’s currently unclear whether or not this new Venom film will take place inside the same world as The Avengers, especially since the last time the spinoff was announced, this was all but confirmed to be false. The character’s inclusion in the Marvel Cinematic Universe could still be a possibility, especially given that the Venom movie is releasing several months after the the next Avengers film, where the continuity’s status quo is sure to take a beating.

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As we know, Avengers: Infinity War‘s premise will gather all the mightiest heroes from the MCU in the fight against the mega-villain Thanos in his quest to collect the powerful Infinity Stones. This ultimate alliance will take the Avengers to the far reaches of space to meet up with the Guardians of the Galaxy, where any number of cosmic things could happen, including an encounter with a certain black alien blob. Who knows what could happen if Spider-Man took this hypothetical symbiote back home with him after the battle is over? Could Venom happen? Yes, it could.

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