Space Jam: A New Legacy Trailer Reveals Toon LeBron James and More (VIDEO)

Space Jam: A New Legacy Trailer

Movie theaters are slowly beginning to re-open, with major studios opting for hybrid releases in theaters and on their streaming services simultaneously. Perhaps the biggest shakeup to utilize this strategy has been Warner Bros., which has opted to release their major theatrical films this year on HBO Max the same day they release in theaters. One of its major films this year to be highly anticipated is Space Jam: A New Legacy, which has excited many with the new CG Looney Tunes and other Warner Bros. properties. Now, the first Space Jam: A New Legacy trailer reveals new elements, like an animated LeBron James and The Goon Squad.

Warner Bros. Pictures has released the new Space Jam: A New Legacy trailer on their official YouTube channel. The trailer provides the plot’s context, with LeBron James and his son Dom transported digitally into the ServerVerse. It is there that Don Cheadle’s Al G. Rhythm holds Dom captive unless LeBron can beat Rhythm’s champions in a basketball game. From there, a 2-dimensional LeBron James seeks out the Looney Tunes, led by Bugs Bunny, to participate in yet another high-stakes game of basketball.

Space Jam: A New Legacy

The Space Jam: A New Legacy trailer continues to unveil other Warner Bros. properties that will be seen as spectators of the grand basketball showdown. Among those cameos, characters include The Flinstones, The Jetsons, King Kong, various DC Comics superheroes, The Iron Giant, Pennywise from IT, Agent Smith from The Matrix, and more. The trailer also marks the debut of the rival Goon Squad team, featuring real NBA and WBNA stars like Damian Lillard and Diana Taurasi. It’s clear that Warner Bros. is putting everything and the kitchen sink in this movie, and after so many years of waiting, everyone will definitely be wanting to get up and slam this July.

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