South Park: The Fractured But Whole Pokes Fun At Kanye West In New Trailer (VIDEO)

Fractured But Whole Goes Gold

South Park fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of the second Ubisoft RPG centered around the franchise, The Fractured But Whole, for quite some time now. After the first game, The Stick of Truth, suffered from heavy delays, and the sequel received a delay earlier this year, gamers have been worried about the upcoming game’s release. Ubisoft has decided to ease these fears with a new trailer that pokes fun at recurring recipient of South Park’s jokes, Kanye West, as The Fractured But Whole goes Gold.

Ubisoft released the new gold trailer today on their YouTube channel, celebrating the dev team’s completion of the final build of the game that will be manufactured for release. The trailer features what is meant to be the player’s avatar character interacting with a gay fish that wears a gold chain. This is an overt reference to frequent South Park joke target Kanye West, namely for their portrayal of West in the “Fishticks” episode of the tv series. In the episode, Kanye is ridiculed for his inability to understand Jimmy Valmer’s joke about liking fishsticks making him a gay fish (think about it).

The trailer then shows the player helping the gay fish’s mother enter into heaven in a Flappy Bird-style mini game. This is clearly meant to reference Kanye West’s real video game project, Only One: The Game, which is about West’s mother ascending into heaven. West meant his game as a tribute to his deceased mother who passed in 2007, but in South Park fashion, not even Kanye’s sentimentality can escape Stone & Parker’s pointed jabs. Still, it is nice to see Ubisoft confirm the game’s completed status, and hopefully fans can swim with joy in its waters very soon. What do you guys think about this new trailer released as The Fractured But Whole goes gold? Let us know in the comments below!

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