South Korea’s New World of Warcraft Cooking Show is Incredible (VIDEO)

South Korea World of Warcraft Cooking Show

A brand new cooking show has premiered in South Korea this year, and the twist on this piece of culinary entertainment is definitely one you gamers will want to check out! Based off of Blizzard’s hit MMO, World of Warcraft (a title that’s popular across the globe), this television series features real World of Warcraft gamers coming together with South Korea’s top celebrity chef to create dishes inspired by the game itself. This definitely sounds like we want to sink our swords – er, forks- into!

Headed by Choi Hyun-seok, the show aired its first episode last night, which you can see below. The video featured does not have English subtitles, but that’s okay! It’s still fun to watch, seeing what kind of recipes they came up with that were inspired by what appears to be the game’s latest expansion, Legion.

Hours before the show’s official premier, Inven and Game About both reported about the show’s first episode. According to what we understand of the show’s premise, Hyun-seok will host the episodes while guest gamers are invited on set to talk about their gaming experiences. During their discussions, recipes will be created to honor the popular MMO. Hyun-seok, who is also an avid World of Warcraft fan, was reportedly delighted to be a part of this gaming/cooking experience, bringing two well-loved pastimes together into one interesting media experience.

South Korea World of Warcraft cooking show

Speaking of which, World of Warcraft is also hosting an event right now for players, and it’s involving this year’s latest and greatest addition to the multiplayer family: Overwatch! Titled Ogrewatch, this new Brawler’s Guild team is pretty closely inspired by actual Overwatch characters, so if you’re a fan of both, make sure you snatch up this opportunity to combine the two while you can!

So what do you think about this new show premiering in South Korea? Do you think a World of Warcraft inspired cooking show is interesting? What elements of WoW do you want to see made into a recipe? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and game on!


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