World Of Warcraft Chains of Domination Update Announced (VIDEO)

World of Warcraft Chains of Domination

The first day of Blizzconline featured many updates, including the announcement of the next major content for World of Warcraft. As the darkness of the maw spreads, so do the dangers that come with it. Those who are enslaved by this growing threat are forced to do its bidding. Such is seen in the trailer released today for the Chains of Domination content update, which showcased Anduin being used as a pawn:

As you can see in the trailer, Sylvannas continues to play her part in the downfall of those who would stand against the maw. She is seen delivering “Kingsmourne” to Anduin who can be seen using it against the Archon, Kyrestia the Firstborne. At the moment, we see Anduin transform into what can only be described as Arthas 2.0 and raise the mighty blade to strike her down. We see a brief moment of humanity as he looks upon the action he just took, before his body is taken back over by the entity that controls him.

Game Informer had a chance to interview principal game designer Jeremy Feasel, who had things to say about this new update to World of Warcraft:

I don’t want to say it’s like a carnival because it’s more like a seedy trading city. But it’s just a such a fun vibe to work with. All the different Broker cartels have kind of come together over the years and created this floating trading outpost where you see more of Broker society, you see different types of Brokers, you’re also going to see what an alien rat that maybe they had brought in a portal from another world might look like.It’s also an opportunity for us to do some really kind of interesting and wacky one-off bosses.”

So for the first half of the of the mega dungeon, you’re going to be kind of heading around this trading city and checking it out and learning about Broker things, you go into an auction house, into a portal room, so a lot of Broker culture there. And then for the second half of the dungeon, that’s where we get into the heist portion. And this is where a broker steals an artifact and then tries to escape from us by jumping through a whole bunch of portals. So we’re gonna follow him through those portals and fight through a variety of interesting bosses including an infinite pirate dragon, which was not something I ever thought I would say but ends up being pretty awesome.”

Are you excited to check out his new update to World of Warcraft? What more do you hope to learn about the Chains of Domination before its release? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below, and don’t forget to check out DFTG on Twitter for gaming and entertainment news live 24/7!

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