WATCH: Sonic Generations Camera Mod Reveals Amazing World Details

Sonic Generations camera mod

As is the case with nearly every Sonic game, you’ve gotta go fast to get through. Unfortunately, much of the detail of the game is lost on players as they zip through the levels. Luckily, a Sonic Generations camera mod has given players the opportunity to see all of the secrets behind this popular title.

Youtuber Shesez walks players through some of the levels with the Sonic Generations camera mod. With his newfound power, he is able to show us just how the intricate worlds function, and how much detail has gone into the game. Take a look at his video below:

Shesez reveals that the TV power-ups are actually 3D rendered, that there are whole cityscapes that players never get to see and that Sonic’s mouth is offset from the center of his face. The video above features a closer look at some of the smaller details of the game, but also the massive scope and attention to detail paid by the developers. It is astonishing to see just how much has gone into these games with this Sonic Generations camera mod.

Ultimately fans don’t get to see a lot of what is finished in many of the games they play. With tools like the Sonic Generations camera mod, we are able to look closer at what the developers did that made the game so immersive and interesting, even if only for a second. Sometimes, we even uncover a wealth of detail that is never even seen or fully appreciated.

Is it disappointing to discover that so much detail and work goes into a game that players don’t get to experience? Would it be better to have a feature in games that would allow players to explore these details unhindered? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below! Don’t forget to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7!


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