Smosh Games Member Leaves Company After Facing Multiple Sexual Allegations

Sexual misconduct in the workforce has a glaring spotlight on it, even more so with the swift #MeToo movement, and the every present problem is much more prevalent in every day life than many realise. The crew over at Smosh Games, most recently infamous for their Honest Trailer entertainment bits, are undergoing their own confrontation with this issue when one key member has officially left the company after multiple sexual abuse allegations came forward.

As reported by The Blast, Amra “Flitz” Ricketts – who has been a member of Smosh for years now, has taken leave from the crew when one alleged victim of sexual abuse came forward with their experience regarding his behaviour.

Smosh’s statement:

“The SMOSH organization was recently made aware of the allegations regarding Amra Ricketts (Flitz). As of today, he is no longer with the company”

Raquey Strange took to their social media to make their allegations towards Rickets with the following allegation:

“This is Amra Ricketts … He works for Smosh Games and has a large YouTube following. Also, he is a sexual predator. He seeks out and preys on vulnerable young women and literally sees himself as a wolf spiritually. He created a cult environment at his house in North Hollywood. Surrounded himself with women who were in tight spots and would shower us with generosity and excitement. He let us live in his house, and in return we would feel like we owed him something, as if he was our savior.”

The allegations, which in full detail can be viewed here, detail a “Tribe” environment that presented a hostile environment while citing emotional, psychological, and physical abuse. Ricketts has since responded by taking to social media himself to dispute the claims and let the world know that he’s taking action while leaving the company.

As far as what will come from these allegations, only time will tell. For now, Ricketts is no longer a part of the Smosh team and we genuinely hope that the matter is resolved totally, and accurately, with astute care. As the allegations continue to flame, several other members of the industry have come forward to state their own experiences with Ricketts and alleged abuse. Only the people involved know the truth, and we hope that a conclusion can be met swiftly for all involved.


Source :

The Blast

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