The Sims 4 Sex Modder Earns Over $4,000 a Month in Revenue from Mod Creations

It’s no secret that the sex industry, in various forms, generates a lot of money and it’s a matter of demand and supply. It’s also become very apparent over the years that video games are no different. Take the Overwatch franchise, for example, where three dimensional pornographic videos were produced of heroes doing the dirty. Then, there’s also the infinite modding potential of Skyrim with mods available to render followers completely or just about naked. Of course, there were animations of frantic coitus as well. Now, it seems as though modders can potentially make a lot of money with these creations. The Sims 4 sex mod creator, TurboDriver, is currently making over four thousand dollars in revenue each month via their Patreon page along with 1,000 plus patrons.

At first, one might be thinking TurboDriver? That sounds like something related to fast sports cars, but with the the libido of cyber sexy time – you never know. It certainly adds to the whimsy. The project is called WickedWhims – “a mod for The Sims 4 featuring explicit sex animated scenes and exhibitionism interactions”.

There are other about 30 other modders that utilize it to put personally developed animations to use. Curious to see what all the woohoo is about? The list of Sims 4 sex modders and their developed handiwork can be seen here! Be warned – some of the contents are very explicit in nature varying from hand job animations, detailed dongs, and orgies to all sorts of positions on couches and various, inanimate objects. There’s even instructions for the installation processes for those who may want to peruse.

What do you think about these mods? What do you think of TurboDriver’s income that started off as a hobby? Feel free to leave any thoughts or comments in the section below or begin a conversation on Don’t Feed the Gamers official Facebook and Twitter! For more awesome gaming and related news, check out the articles below:

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