Netflix Orders a Second Season of Bill Nye Saves The World

One of the biggest and most influential platforms in the entertainment world right now is Netflix, producing some of the most original and risk-taking content in the media today. As the past year or two have shown their greater reliance on making original content a bigger factor for enticing subscribers. One of the more recently released and newly premiered originals was Bill Nye Saves the World, a modern version of the classic Bill Nye The Science Guy children’s edutainment show, that refocused on an adult audience interested in learning the scientific aspects of modern sociopolitical issues. Now, the show has apparently been successful enough to convince Netflix to greenlight a second season of the show.

New social media posts on the various official social media accounts for the show and Bill Nye himself, such as the show’s official Twitter account seen above, have confirmed that season 2 of Bill Nye Saves the World is in the works. Although no details about when the series will arrive, it is expected that the next one will maintain the episode structure that the first season created with its live audience and various methods for presenting the scientific material. Based on the video seen above, it does seem likely that some of the topics will center around public criticisms from social media users regarding Nye’s statements on more politically-relevant topics discussed in season 1.

For those that did enjoy the show, the discussions on the issues were entertainingly presented and scientifically sound. Many will likely welcome more of The Science Guys’ insightful teaching. Are you glad to see Bill Nye Saves the World get a second season? What topics do you hope to see discussed in the new season? Let us know in the comments below!

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