Sea Of Thieves Implements Auto Float With Latest Accessibility Options

Sea of Thieves the popular pirate-centric massively multiplayer online game has recently released new accessibility settings to minimize the amount of held inputs that may be required to successfully play the game. With the newest update Sea of Thieves now allows for play with the use of a single analog stick. Among the update was an auto-float in the water to aid players with a particular fear or sensitivity of being in water to play the game with more ease.

This change was ultimately implemented to remove the need to angling the camera to swim while using a single analog stick but there is no denying the impact for people who suffer from aquaphobia (fear of a source of water) or thalassophobia (fear of the sea, being in deep bodies of water, etc.) According to the support article on the Sea of Thieves website, the stipulation is that “You can’t then choose to go underwater. This keeps you nestled to the surface like an invisible life jacket”

More of the accessibility features include auto camera centering, the inability to look up and down, strafe or look around when “docked to ship controls.” Though this may create a bit of a learning curve for established players, it shows the care and foresight to be inclusive to players of all types, disabilities, etc.

Sea of Thieves has created a vast and diverse community since it’s launch in March of 2018 with unique game play and art stylings that allow the player to immerse themselves in an open-world seafaring adventure. The game allows players the freedom to play solo or with others as well as create alliances, fight off megalodons and raid skeleton fortresses for a taste of treasure and glory. Rare has consistently released content updates and patches to keep the player base coming back for more.

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