Scorn Kickstarter Surpasses Goal – Adding VR Level & Additional Content

The Serbian developer Ebb Software started a Kickstarter last month with a goal of $178,597 to create the first-person horror game Scorn. The fundraising proved a huge success, as it not only reached their original goal, but surpassed it. Thanks to the overwhelming support on their Scorn Kickstarter, they will now be adding a VR level and even more content than before!

Ebb Software described Scorn Part 1 as being “close” to finished before the fundraising began, but they apparently were not satisfied with how it turned out. They started the Scorn Kickstarter in order to raise funds to fine tune the game until they could be “entirely happy” with it. Now that their original goal has been passed, the developers are happy to spend even more time and resources to make this title into everything they “envisioned”.

scorn kickstarter

The crowdfunding campaign for Scorn finished up with a whopping $227,544.66 / €192,487, so it actually passed some of their stretch goals. Those goals are the reason that they will now be adding a VR level, two new enemies, and a whole new location with additional content. Part 1 of the game is set to arrive sometime in 2018 and part 2‘s release date is still unannounced. Ebb Software has promised that there will be no DLC, expansions, or sequels in the future. As of right now, the game will only be available on PC, but the developers have considered bringing the title to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 at some point.

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