Scalebound Cancellation Won’t Stop Microsoft From “Taking Risks”

With the recent cancellation of Platinum Games’ action RPG Scalebound, many are wondering what that means for the future of third party productions in terms of Microsoft endorsement. Signing on independent production companies is never without risk and unfortunately, cancellation is one of those risks. The head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, was noted saying that the decision to cancel Scalebound was not made lightly or easily, it was a difficult decision but Microsoft feels that it was a decision in favor of Xbox gamers, whether or not it may seem like that now.

Part of the backlash from the cancellation of Scalebound leaves many wondering if this means the end for Microsoft’s support of third party developers. After all Platinum games is independent yes but they have some big titles under their belt. In response to a few of these many questions, Phil Spencer took to twitter and gave some reassurances that Microsoft will continue to take risks on outsourcing to third party developers.

It has been made clear through Spencer’s tweets that there is a risk to third party developers and that internal developers are crucial to keep the company going strong. However, it’s also good to see that Microsoft is not shaken in their support for third party developers, cancellations do happen and these types of situations are unfortunate but sometimes necessary. When asked if the cancellation of Scalebound was due to funding issues Spencer had this to say.

Apologies but this isn’t how games get built. There isn’t a pour in $X and get game. Much more iterative and organic than that.

Clearly there is much more behind the scenes that the general community realises. Honestly, we may never have the full explanation as to why the game was cancelled and that information is in the hands of both Microsoft and Platinum Games. As to whether or not they release a full disclosure to the public is their choice, and if it happens – DFTG will be there to keep you in the know.

Though many of us are disappointed by the cancellation of Scalebound, we can all take assurance that this is not going to mean an end to independently developed games. Even Scalebound director Kenichi Sato noted that Platinum Games is still planning on releasing several games in the near future that fans can look forward to enjoying. We’d love to hear any input you have on the whole matter so hit us up in the comments section. Also remember to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter and stick a bookmark on our website as well so you can keep up on the latest in gaming news!

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