Bayonetta 3 Release Window Revealed With New Trailer (VIDEO)

Bayonetta 3 Release Window

The Nintendo Switch is still going strong four years since its release, and Nintendo has continued to confirm their ongoing support for the console. Nintendo’s strategy has been to develop their own high-quality games for the console whilst also funding games made outside of their studio. One such example of the latter has been Bayonetta 3, which followed Nintendo’s success with funding Bayonetta 2 for the Nintendo Wii U. However, comments from PlatinumGames earlier this year suggested that the game would still be a ways away. Now, Nintendo has provided an update on the game with a new trailer that includes the game’s official release window.

Nintendo has released the new Bayonetta 3 trailer via today’s big Nintendo Direct digital event. The trailer starts with a cold open, showing a large monster attacking a large city in Japan. Local military attempts to subdue the monster, but fails. Suddenly, a cartoonish dog mascot appears and distracts the monster, which compels it to attack. While attacking, the distraction leads to a surprise attack from behind from none other than Bayonetta, now wearing yet another new outfit and hairstyle unique to this new game. The video’s description states that Bayonetta will utilize a new Demon Masquerade ability that channels the power of demons.

Bayonetta 3 Studio Reveals Development Update

Gameplay is then shown showcasing more of Bayonetta’s new moves and a bit of delightful dancing from the witch warrior as well. A variety of city locations and monster encounters are seen, before the Bayonetta 3 logo is revealed. The trailer ends and confirms the Bayonetta 3 release window to be 2022, with no specific month or day given, which may mean a release towards the end of that year. Fans have been eagerly awaiting for any update on this game, and finally a first look and release window have been provided. Hopefully the rest of its development goes smoothly so players can slip into those egregious high heels once more.

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