Roller Champions Preview: Holy F*ck, It’s Addictive (VIDEO)

Roller Champions

Ubisoft officially revealed Roller Champions during their press conference at this year’s E3 and I have to admit, I thought it looked pretty dumb and a waste of efforts. Boy, was I happy to be proven wrong. This is one of my favorite studios and I had a really cool opportunity to hang out with the devs in a private press area and check out some of their games. Following Watch Dogs 3 and Ghost Recon Breakpoint, my time with Roller Champions begin. It was there that I became hooked.

The 3V3 format makes it an easy game to sync up with friends with and its competitive nature takes it to an all new level, a level of hype that Rocket League is very familiar with. As I mentioned in my hands-on preview for Prima Games, “Whereas Rocket League relies on vehicles, Roller Champions makes the player the vehicle on skates. It very much is a roller derby with a simple goal of scoring points. But of course, it’s online, which means nothing is simple.

“We sectioned off into two teams of three and boy let me tell you, I did not expect to make an enemy of “Lego.” For being a simple ring, it was really was ridiculously fun. Shoulder checking enemy players to the ground was intensely satisfying. Though I sucked at aiming at the goal, it was amusing to try and prompted us to cheer each other one when looking to beat the other team.”

The aforementioned Lego definitely kicked my ass on more than one occasion, but I feel pretty confident that I got him back quite a few times. Everything about this game was addictive: the competitive feeling that it immediately inspires, the ‘crowd goes wild’ effect of the arena, the music; everything. It was a really enjoyable experience and one that I think will be a fine competitor up against Psyonix’s Rocket League. The more the merrier!

It doesn’t have a release date yet, unfortunately, but we do know it will be coming in 2020!

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