Red Dead Online Releases ‘The Naturalist’ Update (VIDEO)

red dead redemption 2 the naturalist update

Following the award-winning success of Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar Games aimed to keep the ol’ west adventures coming with a multiplayer version of the title. While plenty of content kept that idea going initially, the well had seemed all but dried up as of late, with the last major update going live over seven months ago. Though it would be easy to assume Red Dead Online was finished, it now appears that the game still has more life than expected following the release of the new The Naturalist update.

Unveiled over a recent Rockstar Newswire post, the new update chiefly adds the ability to pursue the Naturalist class, allowing players to “explore diverse locales, encounter majestic new Legendary Animals, and forge your own path as you choose whether to use these findings to learn new skills or bolster your resources and material gains.” The endeavor is headed by “accomplished conservationist” Harriet Davenport, who tasks players with tracking down, sedating, and obtaining blood samples from various animals without them coming to harm.

Though going this route is “equitably rewarded,” Red Dead Online players can also forego all that careful work and work for big game hunter Gus Macmillan. Contrasting Harriet’s non-lethal methods, Macmillan is said to pay handsomely for “animal parts, skins, and hides” collected from the wild and will even craft “high quality garments and other unique items,” some of which have “special benefits.” For those wondering if pursuing both is an option, the post also says “Harriet will take notice” if players attempt to “play both sides of this quarrel.”

Players’ Naturalist quests are complemented with an Animal Field Guide, allowing one to keep track of the various animals confronted on missions. Building up this catalog yields “a range of new items, skills, and gameplay to explore,” including the Mercy Kill skill, Tonic Recipes such as Animal Revivers, as well as Tonics “that mitigate weather effects or increase your ability to sneak up on potential animal subjects.” Naturalists also have the chance to learn how to set up Wilderness Camps and raid animal poacher camps, either to free these critters from captivity or make a pretty penny from their pelts.

In addition to the Naturalist class, Red Dead Online also introduces a number of extra content such as the Advanced Camera, which touts “increased mobility” as well as a number of new filters. New weapons also grace the game such as the customizable Improved Bow and the Elephant Rifle intended for taking down large game. A pair of new Free Roam Events are also available: Legendary Animal Protection and Wild Animal Tagging. The former tasks players with protecting a Legendary-tier animal from poachers while the latter sees players sedate, tag, and take samples of various critters in the wild.

Available through October 19th, the update also introduces Outlaw Pass No. 3, giving players 80 Ranks to unlock and rewards up to 40 Gold Bars as well as “access to unique Outfits, Weapon modifications, Camp Upgrades and much more.” In addition to the usual array of bug fixes and balance updates, The Naturalist also adds new clothing options as well as double rewards and payouts until August 3rd. As per the game’s deal with Sony, PS4 players will also receive gifts in the like of free sedative ammo, Revivers, and Tonics, as well as early access to the Woodcote Poncho, Legendary Gabbro Horn Ram and Chalk Horn Rams, and a Three Fossil Collection Set.

Red Dead Online is available now for Google Stadia, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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