Pokemon Sword And Shield Introduces Jobs For Pokemon

Pokémon Sword And Shield Release Date Set With New Trailer (VIDEO)

Pokemon Sword and Shield heads to the Nintendo Switch this November, the next iteration of the mainline series of the pocket monster role-playing adventure. Pokemon Trainers will enter the new Galar region and with it new and never-before-seen species. Of course, there are two epic new legendary-types – Zacian and Zamazenta. That’s not all that The Pokemon Company will introduce with this generation. Later this year, you can even make your companions hold down a job. Meowth, that’s right!

In addition to Gigantamax battles, tons of new species to discover, fresh faces, and an entire region to explore – Pokemon can be assigned a job for experience gain! That means your friendly companions can grow from working like an everyday man! According to the official website, universities and corporations in the Galar region “request the help of Pokemon” via Poke Jobs for help with a variety of tasks.

“You can check available Poké Jobs at the Rotomi in Pokémon Centers, and you’ll also be able to send Pokémon from your Boxes directly to any job you accept,” reads the description on Poke Jobs. “The Pokémon you send will help out with the job, and the experience will even help them grow. There are many different Poké Jobs available. You’ll find that certain Pokémon types are suited for specific jobs, too. Helping out for a long time or sending as many Pokémon as you can on a job can also net some good results. You might even receive some rare items!”

As seen with the screenshots above, Trainers can select a Pokemon from one of their boxes on their PC (known as a Rotomi in Sword and Shield), and each one sent out to complete a job will “come back having grown from the experience” with experience points or base points as a reward. The amount of experience they receive depend on their type and the length of time they worked. Based on the new features the studio has revealed already, it looks like the developers aren’t shy about changing up the traditions we’ve all come to know!

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Pokemon Sword and Shield arrives November 15th for the Nintendo Switch.

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