Pokémon Live Action Series In Development For Netflix

Pokemon Live action tv

It has been quite evident in recent years that the major streaming services have been making big plays with adapting popular video game franchises as films and series for their platforms, with Netflix being perhaps the most prolific of the streaming services to do so. Their live action The Witcher series is one of their most popular shows and their Castlevania anime was beloved enough to warrant a spinoff for Richter Belmont. Pokemon found success a few years ago with its first live-action film, Detective Pikachu, and now it seems that a Pokemon live action series is in the works for Netflix.

Pokemon Live action

Variety recently reported their exclusive story regarding the Pokemon live-action series in development for Netflix. The project is still in the very early stages of its production, but Variety’s sources claimed that Joe Henderson will serve as the series’ writer and executive producer. Henderson is best known so far for his work as co-showrunner and executive producer for TV series Lucifer, which has become one of the most popular shows on Netflix after moving to the platform from network television. He has also worked on other series, such as Graceland and 11.22.63.

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No detail are yet known about the storylines for the Pokemon live-action TV series, and while it may or may not be a continuation of the Detective Pikachu film, it is known that it will be a live-action adaptation of the Pokemon franchise. Netflix has found value in putting the Pokemon:Indigo League and Pokemon: Journeys anime series on their platform, so it is possible that the series could be a direct adaptation of these narratives. Whatever the story ends up being, it has been proven with Detective Pikachu that the pocket monsters can be truly translated into live-action properly, and hopefully this new series makes it a hot streak for the series hotter than Charizard.

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