Pokemon GO Incorporating Daily Bonuses to the Game

It seems the hype for Pokemon GO hasn’t completely died down since the game’s launch this summer. However, with all the virtual reality gaming and Pokemon hunting that took place, there was one feature that seemed to be missing from the game’s functionality: Daily bonuses.

Pokemon GO Daily bonuses

Recently Niantic released an update stating that that will change very soon! Utilizing the tricks other mobile gamers have used to keep players enticed, Pokemon GO will feature these updates to game play:

Daily Bonuses
Catching a Pokemon:

Every day: 500XP/600 Stardust
Every day for 7 days: 2,000 XP/2,400 Stardust

Visiting a Pokestop:

Every day: 500XP/Additional items
Every day for 7 days: 2,000XP/Even more additional items

Niantic hasn’t given a time period on when to expect this update to occur so keep your eyes peeled for the newest feature. This is a big deal, especially for hardcore Pokemon players, as this will continue to entice players to continue playing the game. Check out this piece to see just how far fans of Pokemon can really take their game play experience.

What do you guys think of the addition of daily bonuses? Do you think it will improve your experience and entice you to play more? Let us know in the comments below and game on!


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