Pokémon GO Battle Day Marill Event Starts Soon – Here’s What To Expect

Since launching back in 2016, mobile developer Niantic has showered Pokémon GO with quite a few updates, adding such big features as trainer battles, competitive leagues, as well as all-new iterations of the Pocket Monsters themselves. In a new announcement, this week is confirmed to add yet another big inclusion to the catch-’em-all title in the form of the GO Battle League leaderboard, allowing players to track their ranking alongside the many other league competitors in the game. In addition:

  • It will show the top five hundred Trainers in the world and their Trainer nicknames, teams, ranks, ratings, and total matches.
  • Rankings are based on the previous day’s in-game ratings for Trainers rank 7 and up. The leaderboard is scheduled to update between approximately 8:00 p.m. UTC and 10:00 p.m. UTC every day. (Note that leaderboard updates may be delayed by things such as maintenance.)
  • Trainers with active disciplinary action or inappropriate Trainer nicknames will be excluded without prior notice.

To ring in this new feature, Pokémon GO has announced a spiffy Battle Day event for April 12th starring everyone’s favorite aqua mouse Pokémon, Marill. As per Prima Games, GO Battle League participants will have from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. local time to snag the little blue critter, with encounters doled out as a guaranteed Basic Reward after first and third wins in GO Battle League. Those who use a Premium Battle Pass will have even more chances to catch Marril, as the Water/Fairy-type will make an increased appearance following every single win.

Those with the gumption to get victories in Pokémon GO Battle League are assured to get a chance at catching Marrill for their trouble, but that won’t be the only rewards handed out during the proceedings. For the occasion of Battle Day, players will also be able to engage in 20 sets of battles (upwards from 5) for a total of 100 battles, while actually landing the critter will net players double amounts of Stardust for the entirety of the day.

All this fun is in the name of the latest updates to GO Battle League, which has not only introduced leaderboards but also updated the ongoing Season to accommodate the Master League. The last few weeks have seen the proceedings shift between its CP-based Great and Ultra Leagues, with the new run of Master League now allowing the most elite trainers to engage in battle. After Master’s planned conclusion on April 24th, all three leagues will become playable once more until the start of Season 2 on May 1st.

Pokémon GO is available now for Android and iOS.

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