PlayStation Store Refund Policy Changes Announced By Sony

PlayStation Store Refund Policy Changes Announced By Sony

Recent years in video gaming have come to be shaped more and more by digital storefronts as a preferred method of shopping for games. Steam’s digital store continues to dominate the PC market, and each of the major consoles has their own digital store as well. With these stores, many have requested that their respective companies take steps towards consumer friendliness and allow for refunds of digital game purchases. Sony recently confirmed some changes to their digital store, including that it would stop selling game codes for the store in physical retail locations, and now it seems that they have also updated their PlayStation Store refund policy as well.

PlayStation Store Refund Policy

Sony has updated their official PlayStation website with details regarding the new PlayStation Store refund policy. Sony will now offer refunds for digital purchases up to 14 days after the purchase was made, with the caveat that the purchased game or other content is not downloaded. Once the game or content is downloaded, the refund option is then voided. The refunds can be applied to purchases of full games, game add-ons, season passes, in-game consumables and PlayStation videos.

For those inclined to pre-order games, luckily this offer also graciously extends to that situation as well, with the refund option available up to 14 days after the payment transaction occurs. The same case goes for DLC, but cautious players may want to turn off the automatic download of DLCs, should they ever wish to refund the purchases. While it’s perhaps not as flexible as Steam’s refund policy, it is still thoughtful of Sony to include a refund feature for their digital games. Accidental or regretted purchases do occur, and it’s nice that someone who drunkenly buys Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 can reverse that hasty decision.


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