PlayStation Experience Teases Climbable Colossus, Haircuts For Kratos, And More!

playstation experience

The PlayStation Experience event is almost here and gamers have a lot to look forward to during Sony’s festivities. With tons of reveals plans, and amazing sights for fans to explore, 2017 is definitely going out with a bang and the latest show teaser just proves it!

Above is the gallery of images that Sony showed off about all of the hard work going into making this authentic experience the best it can possibly be. They’ve even detailed a guide to what is new and what fans can look forward to! Feel free to peruse the image above, and scroll down to learn more about what’s in store for this coming weekend!

God of War

You will be able to trek the frozen Nordic tundras of God of War, learn about the back history of his son, Atreus, and take your own photo recreating the box art scene complete with frigid lake. Plus, if you’re really daring, and a true God of War fan, we will have a special makeover station that will ensure you bring out your inner Kratos by shaving your head, painting your face and dressing you up as Kratos himself!”

Shadow of Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus was an incredible game when it first launched on PS2, and it looked even better when enhanced for PS3. In February, you will get to experience the game for the first time again with the rebuilt PS4 version. But at PSX, be prepared to live a moment that was once limited to your dreams as you face our full-scale Gaius Colossus bust. Climb up his back, grasp the sword atop his head and plunge it into his skull. Perfect Instagram material!”

Days Gone 

Another fun area to explore will be the Pacific Northwest where you’ll step into the world of Days Gone. You’ll encounter massive, 12-foot tall infected bears and hordes of Freakers, so this area won’t be for the faint of heart – you’ve been warned!”

The Inpatient

We’ve gone to great lengths to recreate our game worlds at PSX, and that extends to some of PlayStation’s top new VR titles. One of the creepiest will be the sanitarium that we have created for The Inpatient. Step right up as our orderlies come out to greet you, seat you in a wheelchair, and then wheel you back indoors into an individual psych ward room for your play experience. You may not come out the same after this experience!”

This is only a very small portion of what PS4 fans can expect. Uncharted’s Naughty Dog has already clued us in that there will be a massive anniversary celebration going on to honor the legendary Nathan Drake, Lara Croft will be getting her own commemoration, and the days of nostalgic past are getting a huge nod this year as well! DFTG will be covering the event live this year from sunny California, so make sure to stay tuned with us as we celebrate all things PlayStation!

You can get your own ticket to the celebration here, or just stay tuned with us here and on our Twitter where we will be live-tweeting the event! No matter your choice, this year’s PlayStation Experience will be one for the ages!

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