PlayStation Boss Says “Exclusive Content Is The Way To Go”

PlayStation 4 Exclusive Content

The current gaming console generation has overwhelmingly pointed towards Sony and the PlayStation 4 being the dominant victors, in terms of financial and critical success. The PS4 has well outsold the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, and it has hosted many of the most highly praised games of the generation.

Many have attributed this success to the PS4’s exclusives, whose production value and quality have spoken for themselves. It was quite clear at last year’s Sony E3 Press Conference that focused only on exclusives that this core competency is one that Sony will lean even more into. That said, the PS4 Italy boss has made new comments that seem to confirm this.

Head of PlayStation Italy Marco Saletta recently spoke with Twinfinite about the PS4’s current success and future trajectory. When asked about sales in Italy, Saletta claimed that the PS4 had the highest install base growth speed out of any console in the country. He further ascribed the success to exclusive titles, like God of War and Spider-Man, by saying:

There have been trends that helped the adoption of the platform over the years: the exclusives on which we worked in a timely manner shown that this is the way to go. Exclusive content is the way to go to improve. I think we still have a few years ahead of us for PS4, and we’ll work both in engaging the community that already owns the console and to invite new consumers within our world.”

Even with the success of PS4’s big exclusive games, Saletta does also believe that the Italian userbase still has a significant audience for multiplayer games like FIFA and Fortnite, and that he still sees a few more years left in the console’s life cycle. As to how many exclusive titles and what franchises they might be, Saletta leaves to the reader to ponder. However, with exclusive titles like Death Stranding and Ghosts of Tsushima still on the way, it’s safe to say there is still a bright future for the PS4 on the horizon.

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