PC Update for XCOM 2 Adds First Person Exploration in The Avenger

XCOM 2 Update

While the country awaits the news of who will be the next leader in control of the free world, XCOM 2 is getting a significant update today regarding how it can be controlled. The update available November 8th on Steam, called Patch 7 by the game’s developer Firaxis, officially allows for Xbox One and Xbox 360 controller support. While Steam controllers will not be supported in this update, it is possible, though unconfirmed, if any other controllers are compatible. Aside from a few minor bug fixes and feature changes, one special addition is most noteoworthy. Players will now be able to explore The Avenger, the in-game hub that serves as the headquarters for the game’s heroes, in first-person mode

XCOM 2 The Avenger

You will need this new update, as well as one of the newly compatible controllers, to explore The Avenger in this new mode. The first-person experience is not automatic, so XCOM has released a video with instructions on how to enable this view. First, you will need to access Properties in the Steam menu. The choose Set Launch Options and enter “-allowconsole”, without the quotation marks. From there, go back into the game and enter either the ~ or \ key to open up the console. Type in “toggledebugcamera”, also without the quotation marks and press enter. This should now unlock the first person mode, which will allow you to view The Avenger from angles you never could before, and see details, such as hidden photographs, that were not visible until now. This is definitely a nice little easter egg for XCOM fans. What do you guys think? Will you give this first person mode a try? Are you going to start playing XCOM with a controller now? Let us know in the comments down below!

In other XCOM news, did you know XCOM 2 will be HDR compatible with the Playstation 4 Pro and that XCOM: Enemy Unknown for Xbox 360 is backwards compatible with Xbox One? You can read about what other titles are compatible with those devices, and catch up on future XCOM news here on Don’t Feed the Gamers!

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