Paypal UK Confirms Start Of Steam Winter Sale

Steam Winter Sale Banner

The Steam Winter Sale will start on December 22nd, confirmed by Paypal UK’s twitter feed. This date was first leaked by NeoGAF and now everyone can prepare their wallets for certain. It starts at the same time as last years winter sale, so this really is no big surprise.

This is always a big thing, gamers forking out hundreds and hundreds of dollars (sometimes each) to stock up on games they’ve been waiting for forever to be released, or games they’ve wanted but won’t get around to playing for another 4 years, but buying it simply because it’s cheap. Everyone loves a good Steam sale, especially before Christmas (’tis the season to be gifting). I think everyone is excited for this sale, I know I am.

Time to get your wallet ready boys and girls. Buy ALL THE THINGS! Earlier this year, they had a lot of newer titles for sale for Halloween – hopefully we’ll see that repeat here. There have been some wonderful releases this year, and many that I am keen to get my hands on.

What games are you hoping to pick up cheap while on sale? Do you limit how much you can spend? How many games did you buy on the last sale? Comment below, talk to us and let us know.

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