Now You Can Rob Banks in an All New Way (Please Don’t Rob Banks IRL) With Payday 2 VR

Please don’t actually rob banks in real life, that is frowned upon, but you can take your heisting schemes to an all new level with the announcement that VR support is coming to the popular title Payday 2. The developers behind the title made the announcement in a livestream, equipped with a trailer to show off the new way to play. You can check out the video below:

For those of you that are familiar with Payday, you know that the game itself is a constant flow of pure chaos. With VR, that chaos comes to life with an entire overhaul of the game into this new platform. It’s not a DLC or a small expansion, this is a complete revamp of the title itself to situate itself into the world of VR. This port provides players a new way to experience an already familiar game-style.

An important thing to take away from the livestream that occurred on May 10th is that no one is limited to the VR or the standard version, the multiplayer aspect is the same so if you have the VR capabilities, but your buds don’t – no worries, you can still play together.

There hasn’t been a release date announced yet for this VR leap, but the beta is scheduled for sometime this year. As soon as we get our hands on that info, we will update you accordingly so make sure to follow us on Twitter for that update as soon as it happens! What are your thoughts on the growing popularity of VR? What about Payday 2? The game has been everywhere lately, even making its way to the Nintendo Switch. Join in on the conversation in the comment section below, and until next time – game on.

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