Pay Day 2 Officially Coming to the Nintendo Switch in a Surprising Announcement

Of all of the titles coming available to the latest Nintendo console since the powerhouse opened up for more third party games, Pay Day 2 was not one many thought was in the realm of possibility. Nintendo definitely stayed true to their promise to surprise fans with more diversified content by making the announcement in their latest Direct (seen in the video below) conference that the heist-happy title will be making its way to the Switch later this year.

Though a precise date has yet to be revealed, the team over at Nintendo did assure fans that it will be dropping this year, including previously released DLC. Whether that includes everything or only a few of the expansions, Nintendo has yet to clarify but we have reached out for confirmation and will update as information comes available. Though Pay Day 2 is not a new release, it does garner appreciation from players that were told from the beginning of the Switch’s launch that more titles than ever will be available on the newest platform. The wide-spread positive reaction to news that Skyrim was added to that lineup goes to show how much that diversification matters to the player base for their newest console.

Pay Day 2 first hit the gaming scene back in 2013 and immediately became a hit with the online community. Perfectly executed heists, run-and-gun gameplay, and more solidified Pay Day 2’s success. The developing team behind the title has since released a plethora of both free and paid content to keep gameplay fresh and relevant for their community.

Nintendo was also quick to assure fans that the quality of the game would not be hindered by the port over to their Switch console. According to the announcement during their Direct, Nintendo promises that the Switch port of Pay Day 2 will play and look exactly like its PC counterpart. Graphics quality was something that the Wii-U never quite mastered with certain ports, but the Switch is built entirely different than any previous platform of the Nintendo line. If the Pay Day 2 port runs as they say it will, this could be a huge platform for the Switch to show off its power to those still skeptical.

According to the press release concerning this upcoming title, the game is slated for a Winter release which makes a holiday timeframe more likely. Are you excited to see Pay Day 2 make the leap to the Switch? With the release of more third party titles, and more mature titles, what else would you like to see make the port list? Join in on the conversation below, and don’t forget to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7!

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