Official First Look at Pacific Rim Uprising Shows Us Brand New Jaegers!

Pacific Rim Uprising

Excited fans everywhere rejoiced wholeheartedly when it was announced that Guillermo Del Toro’s popular action flick, Pacific Rim, was finally getting a sequel in the aptly titled Pacific Rim Uprising. Honestly, who isn’t excited about another film where giant ass robots beat the snot out of monsters? It’s top quality entertainment, people! With the official reveal of Uprising’s title, and the update that John Boyega’s character would be in the film, there’s plenty of stuff to keep us in the loop as we draw ever closer to that elusive release date.

Recently, however, there has been a new development in the film production’s status, and it’s a reveal that has the mech-lover in all of us delighted. Posted on the Pacific Rim 2 website, we’ve been given a close look at the Jaegers that will be featured in the upcoming film, and they look really, really cool. Check out the Twitter post below to see for yourself!

In the latest issue of License! Global, a preview for Pacific Rim 2 was featured which essentially gives us our first look at what we can only assume to the be film’s three primary Jaegers – the giant mechs used to defend Humanity from Kaiju. The names for these Jaegers are still unknown, but the blue one has a very Gipsy Danger aesthetic to it. If you recall, last month we reported that Pacific Rim: Uprising might feature an upgraded Gipsy Danger mech – it would seem we were correct!

Pacific Rim Uprising

The update on the Jaeger designs came from License Global, and hearkens to a rousing good time of mecha-versus-Kaiju battles for viewers to enjoy. It’s definitely going to be a long wait for Del Toro fans so make sure you check back with us frequently as we report in on the film’s production.

So what do you think of the reveal for the new Jaeger appearances revealed to fans? Are you excited for a chance to see Pacific Rim Uprising yourself? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news updates 24/7!


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