Overwatch Reveals Echo As Newest Upcoming Hero (VIDEO)

Overwatch Reveals Echo As Newest Upcoming Hero (VIDEO)

With the coronavirus outbreak causing many people to remain in the safety of their homes, online multiplayer video games like Overwatch are going to be a crucial pastime for the foreseeable future. While Overwatch 2 is in the works, Blizzard is still maintaining their devotion to the original Overwatch, especially considering that the planned release date for Overwatch 2 may be even further away now due to recent events. Blizzard has kept interest in the game going by introducing new playable heroes to the game, and now it seems that the newest addition has been revealed with a new Echo origin story video.

Overwatch announced their new playable hero with the new Echo origin story released on their official Overwatch YouTube channel. The video shows a retelling of when Echo was created and turned online by Dr. Mina Liao, one of the founders of Overwatch. It is confirmed that while Dr. Liao dies in a terrible accident, but her life’s work continues on in Echo as her legacy and dreams of changing the world.

Echo’s first introduction was made in a 2018 McCree cinematic video where she is rescued by the western hero, which caused many to theorize ever since that she would be a new playable hero in the game at some point. Echo’s special abilities or specific release date are not yet known, but Blizzard has promised that more will be disclosed soon. For now, Dr. Liao’s Echo remains a potential new hope for Overwatch, and maybe even our real world as well.

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