Overwatch Deathmatch Mode Announced by Blizzard (VIDEO)

Overwatch Deathmatch Mode

The cultural phenomenon that is Overwatch owes a large swath of its success to its team-focused gameplay structured around the variety of characters and abilities that players can control in the game. The different playstyles and strategies have made teamwork a core element of the game, which makes multiplayer fun for so many. However, this structure made Blizzard Entertainment uneasy about translating these characters and abilities into traditional FPS game styles, such as Deathmatch, that are only focused on kills scored. Well, it appears this dissonance might have been overcome, as Blizzard has announced the long requested Overwatch Deathmatch Mode.

Blizzard Entertainment has made the new Overwatch Deathmatch Mode announcement in the latest Developer Update video posted to their official PlayOverwatch YouTube channel seen above. The game is officially getting traditional free-for-all and team Deathmatch modes where the winners are the first player to score 20 kills and the first team to score 30 kills respectively. To celebrate the new Deathmatch modes, Blizzard is releasing a new map for the game called Château Guillard, which in the story has been written as the former home of the character Widowmaker before her husband died. Several pre-existing maps have also had alternate redesigns made to better accommodate the Deathmatch modes.

There has not been an official release date regarding when Deathmatch will be available for the public, but the mode can now be tested on the PTR. While it may take some adjusting to adapt to the new play style, this new mode will likely be yet another addition that keeps the game fresh among its passionate fans. What do you guys think about the new Overwatch Deathmatch mode announcement? Let us know in the comments below!

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