These Overwatch Mood Lamps Will Make You Want to Stay on the Objective (Or Not)

Blizzard’s hit FPS Overwatch is filled with some incredible heroes and a hidden narrative that is rife with rich backstories and tragic beginnings. Less tragic are these adorable mood lamps by our friends over at ThinkGeek and now you too can get your inner Satan on … we mean Mei, with the cute little Snowball mood lamp as well as a smiling Pachimari.

The Snowball mood lamp is either a beloved companion by Mei mains, or a sign of total doom for those on the enemy team. According to the retailer, “Who wouldn’t want a weather drone? Although, honestly, we generally would want one that could spread sunshine and warm weather, not so much bring on the blizzard like ol’ SB-9 here. Unless we also had a shovel drone. Hmm….

“This Snowball can’t start a blizzard or hover, but it’s ready and willing to light up the competition. Let Mei’s companion make your room or desk that much cooler by adding a little light just where you need it. And face it: it’ll make you smile every time you look at it, so it’ll light up your life in multiple ways.”

This little guy will run you $14.99 and he’s available right here!

Want something just a little cuter and not reminscent of the time you lost the objective? Go the Pachimari style! This little squeaker is also available for the same price, found here. ThinkGeek says, “FPSes aren’t really known for their adorable characters, generally. But Overwatch be an exception. Do you light up when you encounter Pachimari in the game? Well, now Pachimari lights up when it sees you!”

So? Which one are you thinking about scooping up? Cute ball of death or the smiling companion of love and joy? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below, and don’t forget to check us out over on Twitter for gaming and entertainment goodness 24/7!


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