This Overwatch Mei Cosplay Is A-MEI-Zing cosplay will definitely make you want to “Freeze! Don’t move!” For those that are devoted in their love for Overwatch’s Mei, one cosplayer went above and beyond to bring the…

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These Overwatch Mood Lamps Will Make You Want to Stay on the Objective (Or Not)

Blizzard’s hit FPS Overwatch is filled with some incredible heroes and a hidden narrative that is rife with rich backstories and tragic beginnings. Less tragic are these adorable mood lamps…

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Overwatch: Mei’s Levitating Snowball Will Keep You Cool With This Collectible Charger (VIDEO)

Desk buddies, we can’t get enough of them whether they be figures, photos, or a levitating snowball just like Mei’s. If you work in an office or have a desk…

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Overwatch PTR patch

Latest Overwatch PTR Patch Tests New Changes For Sombra, Doomfist, & More (VIDEO)

Overwatch’s top guru Jeff Kaplan took to YouTube to drop the details on the latest update coming to the public test realm. In this developer update, Kaplan discusses Sombra, Doomfist,…

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Adorable Overwatch Comic

This Adorable Overwatch Comic For Mei’s Yeti Hunt Will Leave You Frozen In Awe

Let’s face it, heroes – Mei is Satan. If you dabble from time to time with Blizzard’s mega-popular FPS, you know this to be indisputable fact. While she often displays…

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WATCH: These Overwatch Mei Hot Chocolate Ice Cream Bites Are To Die For

Mei, oh my. Renown for her innocently cherubic face and demeanor which conveniently contradicts her abilities on the field. Infamously known in the Overwatch community as ice Satan, Mei-Ling Zhou…

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Latest Overwatch Animated Short “Rise and Shine” Reminds Us Why Mei is Bae (VIDEO)

Fans of the popular first person shooter Overwatch enjoy seeing backstories for their favorite heroes and getting to know them on a deeper level. Players see who the characters really…

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Overwatch’s Mei Began as a Bounty Hunter Known as Frostbite

Not all video game characters that we have come to know and love started out as we see them today.  Most of them go through extensive concept phases where hundreds…

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Nendoroid Mei

Overwatch Announces A-Mei-zing Addition to Nendoroid Toy Line (VIDEO)

Those who seek out and acquire collectibles may remember the Tracer Nendoroid figure that was announced back in February. Players of Overwatch that happen to be collectors may remember it even…

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Overwatch Announces New Skins for Mei and D.VA for New Year of the Rooster Event

Overwatch has announced a new holiday event celebrating New Years from the Eastern side of the world, with Mei’s new skin complete with a Qipao (traditional red dress), red envelopes, and…

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