WATCH: Overkill’s The Walking Dead Aiden Trailer Spotlights The First Playable Character

Aiden Trailer

While the viewers of last night’s mid-season finale of The Walking Dead series are still recovering from the recent episode, fans of the zombie franchise are continuing to cope with the lack of a proper action-focused video game based on the Robert Kirkman saga. Most thought the console game based on the Walking Dead show was a rushed product, and while many love the Telltale series, many still want a quality zombie-shooter set in the Walking Dead world. While Overkill Software’s new Walking Dead game has been delayed, it will hopefully meet these fan desires. Now, the new Aiden Trailer showcases the first playable character for the game.

The new trailer shows Aiden’s life both before and after the zombie outbreak in Washington D.C., where the game will largely be set. Aiden appears to be a government worker in the Capitol, overcome with many personal and professional responsibilities. He has a brother who stays with him in D.C., while their mother shows concern about their living arrangement and personal lives. On top of that, Aiden’s work seems to be just as pressing a force in his life.

We then see Aiden after the zombie outbreak in the same area outside the Capitol building, wearing survival gear instead of a suit. Armed with a customized baseball bat, we then see Aiden preparing to fight a group of walkers. The trailer then lists a fall 2018 release window for the game, which should likely give Overkill enough time to make a quality Walking Dead game that fans have been dying to play. What do you guys think about the new Aiden trailer? Let us know in the comments below!

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