OmniWear Arc Lets You Feel When Enemies are Behind You

A new device promises to alert you to when an enemy sneaks up behind you. Say hello to the OmniWear Arc. This slim designed device rests easily on the wearers neck and boasts 8 motors that give you directional vibrations received from in game data! These “haptic actuators” are the key to letting you know when enemies are nearby, and many other directional alerts you may need in the game. (You wont be wasting time finding that drop, or aiding a teammate any longer!)

OmniWear Arc

OmniWear Arc works by connecting via Bluetooth to a mobile app. Your mobile device is mounted to your monitor, and visually keeps track of important data. If you’re not watching your mini map, OmniWear has your back! Literally. It will vibrate to the back of your neck to let you know a sneaky player is about to come at you. Bro.

OmniWear Arc

The device currently works in Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and League of Legends, however new features and other games are already being considered!

Not convinced? They have a pretty informative video tying it all together, and a Kickstarter too! You know, if you want to have this in your arsenal next year!

The most exciting part for us, due to recent news, is that they plan to implement this to VR interfaces as well! Bonus for developers; access to the OmniWear SDK Immunity Plugin will allow game creators to integrate OmniWear into the game. This would effectively remove the middle man and let the game communicate directly with the OmniWear Arc.

The device is $150 with special discounts for backers! This will include the OmniWear Arc, and a mount for your mobile device.

Beyond this, the OmniWear may also have applications in every day life, giving cyclists and motorcycle riders alerts to their blind spots, and helping people with navigation as well.


One thing is for sure, the OmniWear is definitely going to be adding a level of immersion to games we were lacking and players can expect to be better in game with this device! Be sure to keep up with us here at DFTG for more news as this story develops!

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