October 2017 Manga Recommendations – Check Out MF Ghost, Cage Of Eden, And More!

In true Halloween fashion for October, two horror manga series have been added for October 2017 manga recommendations. There are plenty of battle royale or survival horror manga out there and it has been a difficult time choosing which of the ones I’ve read to recommend. So, instead of simply 4 titles this time around, a whopping 5 are on the list. Don’t worry though, they’re not all themed around this month’s holiday. In fact, author Shigeno Shuichi has a sequel series following the classic racing manga Initial D called MF Ghost.

For those growing up with it being one of the first series they’ve ever read, it’s certainly been a long time coming, considering the fact that Initial D has had great success not only as a graphic novel series, but in a live-action movie, animated films, and even several video game titles in its name.

On the list is also Butterfly Storage, Kegare no Uta, Killing Morph, and Cage of Eden. The last one has been around for quite some time, circulating through the translation groups on the internet and was finally licensed by Kodansha Comics in 2012 for release in North America. Readers may find the scanlated releases still circulating the web despite it being licensed, but don’t forget to support the author and go out there to purchase them from a local bookstore. Without further ado, here’s the entirety of the October 2017 manga recommendations:

Title: MF Ghost
Author: Shigeno Shuichi
Genre: Sports, Action, Drama

From the critically-acclaimed author of the cult classic racing manga series, Initial D, is the sequel MF Ghost, which recently debuted in the 39th issue of Kodansha’s Young Magazine publication. Taking place in the 2020s, Japan has legalized street racing as cars utilizing fossil fuels, internal combustion engines, and the likes are being gradually eliminated from daily use. Its popularized name MFG is a contest where drivers and their cars must race to complete the best time, while each race is streamed live for all to see. With legalization comes policies and regulations to maintain a safety standard. In this new age of racing, drones are used to broadcast races and prevent possible accidents, all of these aspects are important components in Shigeno Shuichi’s latest series.

As with Initial D, the story has a few main characters, but the character that takes the spotlight at the beginning is Kanata Livington, a 19-year-old young man who has traveled back to Japan in search of his missing father. It just so happens that as MFG takes rise in the country, Kanata takes a heavy interest in it with his guru-like knowledge on cars. You can certainly expect that he’ll participate in one way or another. From Porches, Nissan GT-R, Mercedes-AMG GT S, and many others, the introductory chapters introduce racers and their cars as they compete in Time Attacks for a chance to be the top 15. If you loved Initial D, enjoy the language of cars, and racing – MF Ghost is the next best thing.

This series is translated by So_Far_So_Book.

Title: Butterfly Storage
Author: Andou Ikori
Genre: Supernatural, Action, Science Fiction

When you die, the very essence of your being – personality, behavior, feelings – leaves the human body in the form of a butterfly, an aspect most would consider a soul or life force. Butterfly Storage takes place in a futuristic society where people can capture the butterflies of their late loved ones and communicate with their souls via video communication or 3D hologram. The butterflies essentially contain “data” of the human that once was. Unfortunately, not everyone has a chance or the means to do so because as a butterfly leaves the body, the physical vessel quickly deteriorates. Unfortunately for Ono Hyakushi, he encounters a tragic catch 22 that has driven the course of his entire life. As a young child, Ono was a victim of a devastating plane crash that left him as the sole survivor.

In a strange turn of events, he was able to maintain the integrity of his younger sister’s body, but the soul remains “lost” and he has yet to find the mysterious man responsible for taking it away. Fast forward years later, Ono has joined the Death Bureau, an agency that specializes in the retrieval, storage, and conservation of butterflies using non-lethal methods of force. Soon enough, the Death Bureau is investigating the possibility of another covert organization doing the same, but what exactly are their intentions? And for what purpose are they hiding people’s souls?

This series is currently translated by Tigoris Translates.

Title: Kegare no Uta
Author: Yusuke Osawa
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Drama

The world within Kegare no Uta is a perilous one filled with bloodthirsty, virulent demon spawn. Even so, a lone minstrel travels the world in search of inspiration for an original song and she just so happens to meet a demon spawn killer to aid her on this personal journey. Despite the rumors of the infectious “taint” (a.k.a. corruption) that runs through the blood of his kind, she finds his awkward yet kind nature rather endearing and his purpose for killing demon spawn inspiring.

In Kegare no Uta, Torie befriends demon killer Ran, a shy and socially awkward young man who has found purpose in killing Karma demons. Unfortunately, the ability to exterminate these pests come with the sacrifice of one’s humanity. Torie, on the other hand, leads her life as a minstrel, a skill passed down within her family. However, she isn’t quite as passionate about it as her parents were, especially considering how awkward it is for her to hold a lute with her humongous breasts. A dangerous and enlightening journey awaits them both filled with epic encounters of demons.

While it’s odd to write a recommendation for a series with only 1 translated chapter so far, both of the main characters seem very likeable. Furthermore, the art style used in drawing the demon spawn are dope as all get out. This is a manga series I would definitely follow, and fits into the theme of October 2017 manga recommendations!

This series is currently translated by Biamam Scans.

Title: Killing Morph
Author: Nokuto Koike, Masaya Hokazono
Genre: Horror, Tragedy, Mystery

There’s a serial killer on the loose in Japan and no one knows how to stop him. Young, high school student Madoka was a witness in a grand slaughter by a masked serial killer and was one of few left alive after an incident in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. The killer murdered almost a dozen people and was successfully detained by police. Plagued by the events of that day, Madoka began hallucinating and witnessing visions of his appearance in her bedroom and in random areas as she commutes, but it’s significantly affected her sanity. Believing them to be symptoms of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), she attempts to move on.

Unfortunately, life isn’t quite so simple for her. As the serial killer continues to appear in her mind, Madoka discovers that the illusions are much too real. People are dying in front of her and she’s helpless to stop it, that is unless she takes action. What are the connections? Are there copycats killing in his name? To discover the secrets behind the seemingly mindless  murders, Madoka works with the police to prove she isn’t crazy and find a way to stop him.

Killing Morph is a slaughterfest. There’s lots of gory, detailed hacking and slashing. I can see this becoming a psychological thriller (keyword: psychological) depending on how the storyline pans out. People in for a bloody ride may find interest in following this as the translation group continues to release it.

Translated by Ciaran Hillock.

Title: Cage of Eden
Author: Yamada Yoshinobu
Genre: Drama, Action, Adventure, Thriller

A mysterious plane crash left a class of middle school students stuck on a mysterious island filled with prehistoric animals and hope of escape is slim to none. Children and few adults are left to their own devices and must find a way to survive the many hazards of the island – from discovering which fruits and vegetables are edible, how to successfully kill or detain the creatures that inhabit the island, or simply live to survive another day. Everything there is either out to kill or trying to, but as the newcomers discover more and more of the land, students and teachers alike find out bits and pieces about the secrets the island holds. Where are they and how exactly did they end up here? Is there a purpose for its existence?

Following Akira as the main character, described as the “runt” of the class, he is bold in nature and has the natural ability to lead, which is a trait in himself he soon discovers after the horrific plane crash. In most circumstances, before shit even hits the fan, he’s already at the front lines ready to take on the challenges ahead. Cage of Eden is considered “ecchi” so it has some risqué drawings and themes that the author dabbles in quite often. Whether it’s panty shots or precarious situations between men and women, it’s entertaining on most occasions. Personally, I don’t think it entirely takes away from the adventure and thrill the series has to offer. People die, unlikely characters appear, and people’s true colors show and sometimes it’s not always in the ways you would expect. If you’re looking for a fast-paced story with twists and turns, gore, and unforgiving circumstances of survival of the fittest then you’re in for a treat with Cage of Eden.

TRIGGER WARNING: this series contains subject matter that some may find sensitive. Several different groups have translated this series including Death Toll, Dragon&Fly Scans, Red Hawk Scanlations, and so on. This series is officially licensed by Kodansha Comics and the translated product can be purchased at online retailers on bookstores.

Well, that’s all there is to it! What do you think of the series this time around? Have you read any of them already? Feel free to let us know in the comments section down below or follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date on all the news! If none of the titles in October 2017 manga recommendations tickled your fancy, be sure to check out the a few of the previous months down below:

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