DFTG March Manga Recommendations – Featuring Priest, Junk The Black Shadow, And More

Another month has come and gone and once again, it is time for a list of series recommendations! Featuring four different manga titles of varying genres, DFTG hosts a monthly…

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DFTG’s February Manga Recommendations – Check Out Catharsis, Jigokuraku, And More

DFTG’s February manga recommendations are here to bring another monthly dose of manga inspiration to add onto that ever-growing list of series to read. Just like the variety there are…

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October 2017 Manga Recommendations – Check Out MF Ghost, Cage Of Eden, And More!

In true Halloween fashion for October, two horror manga series have been added for October 2017 manga recommendations. There are plenty of battle royale or survival horror manga out there…

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Hoi’s Sept 2017 Manga Corner – Check Out ‘Super Secret’, ‘Zessyaka’, ‘Curse Blood’ & More!

Ready for another list of manga recommendations from Hoi’s Manga Corner? As a monthly segment for Don’t Feed the Gamers, we share a small list of suggestions to read. Each…

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Hoi’s Manga Corner August 2017 – Acaria, Coyote, Hell’s Kitchen, and More!

Welcome to another segment of Hoi’s Manga Corner by DFTG! This month I will be introducing Acaria, Coyote, Hell’s Kitchen, and Ore to Kawazu-san no Isekai Hourouki. All of which…

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Hoi’s Manga Corner Recommendations for July 2017 – Featuring Full Drum, Mashira, and More

Welcome back to Hoi’s Manga Corner for those already weeb trash or prospective followers of this creed. Just kidding, but I am weeb trash so let’s leave it at that….

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Hoi’s Manga Corner for June 2017 – Featuring The God of High School, Their Story, and More

Did I mention that Japanese manga are not the only ones I recommend? To be honest, I didn’t, but it seemed very self-explanatory. Korean and Chinese illustrators and authors are…

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Hoi’s Manga Corner – Featuring Cambria, Gantz, The Jinx’s Lover, and To You The Immortal

Hello and welcome to Hoi’s Manga Corner! For those unfamiliar with this little area at Don’t Feed the Gamers, each month I list a handful of series to check out. Often,…

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Hoi’s Manga Corner – Check out The Rule Breaker, Killer Killer, Murciélago, and More!

Hello and welcome to Hoi’s Manga Corner! Some of these selections may not be everyone’s cup of tea and that’s the point. In order to remain as diverse as possible with…

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Manga recommendations

February Manga Recommendations: Check out ‘Adu of Hades’, ‘Darwin’s Game’, and More!

Welcome to Hoi’s Manga Recommendations Corner where every month, I’ll gather my knowledge and compile a list just for you! Despite the name, I will be recommending Korean manhwa/manhua’s as…

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