Nintendo Switch Ads Begin Making Their Way to Stores (VIDEO)

Nintendo Switch Ads

Ever since the Nintendo Switch was announced back in October, fans have been going wild with anticipation for the next detail to drop about the system. Sure, Nintendo said they wouldn’t be making any further announcements about the upcoming console for the rest of the year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t sit on the edge of our seats, hoping someone slips up and leaks a detail or two. Or, if Nintendo decided to surprise fans with a little bit of information, that would be cool, too. As of the time this article is being written, there are roughly 37 hours left in the year… I don’t think any announcements are popping up. That’s okay, though, because what has popped up are Nintendo Switch ads in a JB Hi-Fi store in Australia. Check it out:

Nintendo Switch Ads

What looks to be two separate Nintendo Switch ads that are sitting next to one another on a shelf, these materials do not bring us any new information, unfortunately. In the left ad, we see the Nintendo Switch in both its docked position and its handheld position. Along with this, we get the March 2017 release date and a web address to the Australian Nintendo Switch website. The ad on the right shows the same release date and website information along with an image that seems to have been taken at the same time the announcement trailer was made. If you watch the trailer, the first person we see enjoying their Switch gets up to resume their play in the handheld mode. The image used in the ad above isn’t a direct screenshot from the video, but was possibly made at the same time. Take this information how you will. I just thought it was neat. In case you missed the announcement trailer, you can check that out below:

Who here is excited for the Nintendo Switch? DFTG certainly is and we cannot wait to get the chance to play with one! Has anyone else seen any Nintendo Switch ads popping up in stores? Any games you’re looking forward to playing on the Switch? Let us know down in that comments section! We love hearing from all of you! Of course, be sure to stick around at Don’t Feed the Gamers because you just know we’re going to be covering the Nintendo Switch event that is taking place in Tokyo, Japan to bring you all of the wonderful details! The event will be taking place on January 13 in Tokyo and live streaming on January 12 in the US, so prepare yourselves for awesomeness and follow us on Twitter to stay up to date on all of the latest and greatest gaming news!

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