Nintendo Store Bomb Threat Sent By Enraged Smash Bros. Fan

Nintendo Store Bomb Threat

Fighting game and Nintendo fans are surely aware that the Super Smash Bros. community can be a passionate bunch. That certainly was seen this past week at E3 2018, with all of the news surrounding the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch. However, for all of the good that comes from such fervor, the internet is probably well aware of the rage that such passion can create. While sometimes the rage is communicated in harmless ways (see: every Waluigi meme this past week), other times it is externalized in harmful ways, such as a Nintendo Store bomb threat sent by a Smash Bros. fan.

Updates on the developing story have been shared by Twitch streamer Mitsu on their official Twitter account. According to Mitsu, the bomb threat pertained to the Nintendo World NYC store in Rockefeller Center.  An email was sent back in April to one of the store’s email addresses not often monitored, and was discovered more recently by employees. Exact wording was not shared, but it seems that the bomb threat by the enraged fan as a response to Nintendo’s decision to remove kiosks that allowed patrons to play Super Smash Bros. in the store.

While it is not specified to be the Wii U version, given that the focus would now have been on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for Nintendo Switch, it would make sense for Nintendo to remove these kiosks. A complaint was filed with the NYPD this past week, and may have even escalated to the FBI, but the NYPD would not confirm their involvement. While this threat was designated as credible, it did not prompt a closure of the Nintendo World flagship store.

Mitsu affirms that the threats were not a joke, but thankfully it seems that they did not come to any actual fruition. Hopefully the store does not receive any further threats from this fan or any other party in the near future. Smash Bros. should be a fun, innocent past time for all. No Johns about it. What do you guys think about this Nintendo store bomb threat? Let us know in the comments below!

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