Nintendo Speaks Out About NES Classic Shortage and Nintendo Switch

NES Classic shortage

Back in October, Nintendo released the NES Classic to hungry fans across the globe. That same day, stores country-wide sold out of the system in a mass shortage that still goes on to this day. This NES Classic shortage is especially frustrating for fans, considering the fact that Nintendo admitted that they only shipped 200 thousand units to the United States and leaving hundreds of gamers scrambling to get their hands on one. So what exactly happened that caused this dilemma to occur? According to an interview with Gamespot, Nintendo of American president Reggie Fils-Aime has spoken up about the NES Classic, explaining exactly why the system is in such short supply.

When we looked at that proposition what we believed was the adults, 30-40 years old, who grew up playing NES as a kid, 10 years old or so but had stepped away from the gaming category–that was going to be the buyer [of the NES Classic]. As we thought about that, that led us to a certain level of supply.

In short? Nintendo didn’t believe that so many people of different gaming generations would be interested in picking up one of these awesome little systems (a belief that is clearly unfounded in this day and age). Fils-Aime stated this “marketplace disconnect” led to the the supply issues that continue to plague stores everywhere, though he has stated that Nintendo has addressed the supply issues. Unfortunately, whatever efforts Nintendo has done to remedy the shortage seem to be sorely lacking, considering the system continues to remain “sold out” in stores everywhere.

NES Classic shortage

With this NES Classic shortage still plaguing consumers everywhere, it’s not hard to believe that we may have a repeat situation with the Nintendo Switch launch. To put these fears to rest, Fils-Aime went on in his interview to express that gamers should have no fear of this happening again. Referring back to this update by Wall Street Journalist Takashi Mochizuki, Nintendo has ensured that 2 million units will be released in March, in hopes to prevent another shortage incident from occurring. “We’re working to make sure that the supply chain [for Switch] is robust and there is a steady flow of hardware,” he said. “The one piece we can’t anticipate is the demand side of the equation but certainly from a supply, we feel like we’re going to be well-positioned.”

So what do you think of Nintendo’s efforts to prevent another shortage incident? Do you believe that stores will run into the same problem with the Switch? Have you preordered your Nintendo Switch yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and game on!

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