NES Classics

Nintendo Says They are Producing More NES Classics – Arriving Next Summer

For those who were not able to get their hands on Nintendo’s first mini retro console, another chance will be arriving next year. Many weren’t able to obtain one due…

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Reggie Fils-Aime Says SNES Classic Production “Dramatically Increased” – “Not Our Fault”

The pre-order problem with the SNES Classic brought back too many memories for gamers that weren’t able to get their hands on the consoles predecessor. A shortage that was heard…

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NES Classic Consoles in Stock Today, Nintendo Switch to Hit Best Buy Shelves This Week

It’s been a frantic fight to the death to purchase NES Classic consoles, but word on the street is that a certain chain retailer for electronics will have a batch…

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NES Classic Consoles

GameStop Receives More NES Classic Consoles This Week – Limited Supply

The NES Classic consoles sold out nearly instantaneously upon their release. It was a shame, really, because the system had great potential to provide gamers with a dose of nostalgia….

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Japan’s Mini Famicom Modded into Fully-Functional Game Boy Look-a-Like (VIDEO)

There are brilliant engineers out there in the world. They are people who do amazing things with their skills and have a love for their craft. One such person is a…

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NES Classic shortage

Nintendo Speaks Out About NES Classic Shortage and Nintendo Switch

Back in October, Nintendo released the NES Classic to hungry fans across the globe. That same day, stores country-wide sold out of the system in a mass shortage that still…

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Nintendo Shipped Less than 200k NES Classic to the United States, Even with Rising Demand

Ever wonder why it’s been so difficult to get your hands on a Nintendo Entertainment System Classic, since its debut? A report by Engadget shows that less than 200,000 units…

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Microsoft GM Weighs In On NES Classic Shortage – Shots Fired

With the release of the NES Classic yesterday, stores all over are running out of stock and the demand for the tiny console is growing with each passing moment. Although…

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