New Pokemon Go Holiday Event Starts on the 25th

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A new Pokemon Go Christmas event has begun today, in conjunction with the current Christmas event where you can find Festive Pikachu. This new event is available until January 3rd, the same amount of time the Festive Pikachu will be available.

The new event will be increasing your chances of hatching some of the Johto region Pokemon, including Togepi and Pichu. This is bound to get people wanting to go out and hatch eggs! But one of the better parts is that during the event, your first Pokestop visited per day will give you a single use incubator. What’s better than hatching eggs? Hatching a lot of eggs!!! This new event will also increase the number of festive Pikachu that will be found.

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To top this off, there will be a new upcoming event from from December 30 till January 8 that will increase the chances of finding the starter Pokemon (Charmander, Bulbasuar, Squirtle) and their evolutions. Who doesn’t want more of these cute starting critters?

Finally, there is currently bundles available in the Pokemon Store available for a limited time that will come in various coloured packs that will contain different items, including incubators, great balls, ultra balls, and more.

Pokemon GO has seen a rapid rise and fall (and rise again) in popularity – are you still playing it? Are these events worth the time? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below!

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